HJORTKÆR participates in a research project under the direction of the Danish Technological Institute, with the objective to achieve 80% recycling of the phosphorus supplied to the public wastewater treatment plants.

The project aim at optimizing existing recycling technologies through both pilot scale and full scale trials.

In addition to achieving an economically more attractive recovery of larger amounts of phosphorus, the project also works to produce a marketable fertilizer product without harmful substances.

The first part of the project was completed in 2015-2017 and demonstrated the possible extraction of 70-80% of the phosphorus content from digested sludge.

The second part of the project is carried out in the period 2017-2019, focusing on achieving economically attractive recovery of the released phosphorus as a sustainable fertilizer product.

Other participants in the project are:

  • Technological Institute, Bio and Environmental Technology
  • Aalborg University, Section of Chemistry
  • Vandmiljø Randers A/S
  • Provas-Haderslev Spildevand A/S
  • Bluekolding Spildevand A/S

Contact person at HJORTKÆR:
Alf Simonsen
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dir. +45 76772222

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