At HJORTKAER maskinfabrik we develop, build and deliver innovative machine and system solutions for sludge thickening and dewatering, filtrate optimization, industrial waste water separation and polymer dosing.

Furthermore we manufacture washing machinery for reusable packaging, pumps and machine parts.

Our product range icludes:

  • Equipment and complete plant solutions for separation of industrial waste water and thickening of municipal sludge
  • Screw press installations for sludge dewatering 
  • Micro filtration of reject and technical water
  • PolyUnit polymer dosing systems
  • Washing solutions for reusable packaging, pumps and machine parts

HJORTKAER maskinfabrik a/s is located in the village of Hjortkaer, close to Esbjerg on the western coast of Denmark.


- It's all about water!


HJORTKÆR participates in a research project under the direction of the Danish Technological Institute, with the objective to achieve 80% recycling of the phosphorus supplied to the public wastewater treatment plants.

The project aim at... Læs mere

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