Our popular liquid polymer dosing unit, PolyUnit PB10, has been upgraded and renamed PB10 Evo.

From the outside, the biggest visual change is a slightly changed front lid and the applied "Evo" mark.

The main changes in the Evo model are:

  • New generation dosing pump running via a stepper motor at full torque throughout its operating range.
  • Larger operating range on each hose size.In addition, there are now 4 hose sizes available.
  • New, stronger spline axle drive system in the hose pump.
  • Monitoring of dosing pump operation.
  • Error indication for both polymer pump and mixer pump in the red operating lamp.
  • New duckbill valve after dosing pump to eliminate the risk of backflow during servicing and hose change.

The upgrade has been made so flexible that older PB10 units can be changed to a "modified" Evo model via a rebuilding kit that includes a new pump, new front lid, duckbill valve, necessary supplementary fittings and detailed assembly instructions.

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