PolyUnit is a reliable and popular dosing system for liquid polymer mixing.



Our PolyUnit liquid polymer dosing units, PB10Evo and PB30, are designed for reliable dosing and mixing of liquid polymer / flocculants for wastewater treatment plants.

The units are built with quality components in a strong, stainless cabinet. Both models provide strong standard facilities such as remote activation and remote monitoring of flow errors.

For correct mixing of the polymer emulsion, adjustments of water flow, water pressure and polymer amount are made in the PolyUnit. On the front of the unit, current water flow is shown via an electronic flow meter as well as current water pressure on a pressure gauge. In the PB30 model, current polymer flow can also be displayed directly on the front of the unit.

All connections for built-in options and external activation and error signals are built into the standard model.

The electric control panel is built with DIN rail components for easy troubleshooting and replacement.

Servicing and replacing components is simple as the cover can be completely removed.



Data   PB10 Evo
Water capacity
     50 - 2400 l/hour   250 - 4500 l/hour
Polymer capacity   0,008-13,4 l/hour   10 - 30 l/hour
Remote activation   Potential-free signal   Potential-free signal
External polymer control   4-20 mA   4-20 mA
External flow alarms   Potential-free signals      Potential-free signals
External flow signals, water and polymer  
No   Yes, 2 x 4-20mA


A number of options are available for significant expansion of the unit capabilities:

  • Flow switch and fault alert lamp on polymer flow. External alarm signal on polymer flow error (optional in PB10, standard in PB30).
  • Add-on kit for secondary water flow (+2400 l/hour).
  • Analog water flow output (4-20 mA output signal. Optional in PB10, standard in PB30).
  • Proportional water flow kit (4-20 mA external control): Controllable water flow up to max. 700 l/hour in PB10.
  • Reactor tanks in different sizes, prepared for connection to the PolyUnit.
  • Stainless steel wall and floor racks for easy placement and installation.


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