The strongest and most complete range of screw presses for both municipal and industrial sludge dewatering.


High and stable performance, low energy costs

The IEA screw press design has been delivered since 1991 for installations all over the world with a track record of both high performance and high stability.

The extensive model program within the SP-HF series alone, which is optimal for eg municipal wastewater area, covers presently 24 models / exections ranging from 25 to 1770 kg DS / hour.

The IEA screw press is also available in a more powerful pulp&fiber version for dewatering industrial fiber material as well as versions for dewatering inorganic material from industrial production processes.

The screw press is constructed as a unit with closed chassis and possibility of inspection of the drainage proces through the inspection hatches. The screw is driven by a flat gear with rotation speed of the screw controlled via an external frequency converter.

Full automatic drainage

The flocculated sludge is continuously fed to the screw press. The optimal starting point for drainage of wastewater can be achieved through a simple control of the flocculation.

Stable operation

An optimum adjustment of the screw geometry to flocculated sludge, result in solid performance in line with the best centrifuge systems. Since the screw can operate with very low, adjustable speed of rotation, higher dry substance
values can be achieved. The low rotation speed of the screw also implies low maintenance costs.

During operation the dewatered sludge cake is pressed continuously towards the outlet/press cone and falls into the integrated discharge funnel of the screw press.

Simple start-up

Based on both low speed and high torque, the screw press can at any time be stopped and restarted.

Benefits and Key Features

  • Safe and fully automatic operation
  • Low wear / low maintenance costs
  • Very robust design / long life
  • Very low power consumption
  • Simple replacement of the scraper ring, without removal of the screw. The filter cylinder can be separated horizontally into manageable segments for easier maintenance access
  • Replaceable filter screens for possible adaptation of the screw press for various sludge conditions
  • The wash cycle is performed during operation
  • All components with sludge and filtrate contact are made of stainless steel / can be delivered in acid-proof special edition


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